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New York Residential Real Estate

Cohen & Frankel has the experience and expertise to make your residential real estate deal as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Clients immediately feel comfortable as we give them personalized attention and educate them on the flow of the deal. We treat the parties to every one of our deals, from luxury purchasers to celebrities to first-time buyers, with the utmost respect. We involve them only when necessary, giving them the information they need while protecting them from unwanted drama and the stress that real estate law can create. When clients have questions during or after office hours, they know that we are as close as the nearest phone – no gatekeepers or layers to get through.

Brokers enjoy long-standing, open relationships with Cohen & Frankel. We keep them in the loop at all stages of the transaction and problem solve together to keep our deal going. Even if a deal is not ours, brokers feel comfortable calling us for information and advice. We know what is going on in the residential real estate market and we welcome questions from brokers.

Cohen & Frankel handles a broad range of residential real estate transactions:

  • Sale or purchase of a cooperative apartment, condominium, townhouse, brownstone, or house
  • Exclusive residential real estate negotiations
  • Closings on behalf of Valley National Bank

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